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QTY Range from: 25 - 100,000

Stocks include: 10PT, 13PT, 14PT, 16PT, & 18PT

Postcards are a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool. They are versatile and can be used for a multitude of purposes. Custom Postcards are particularly useful as direct mail.

We offer Postcards in many sizes, finishes, and stocks to really stand out among the crowd.




QTY Range from: 25 - 55,000

Stocks include: 100lb & 80lb

Flyer is a single-page leaflet often used to promote businesses, products, services, and events. An effective marketing tool, business Flyers help execute small and large-scale communications. With a great design, custom Flyers are a powerful medium to convey your client’s marketing message.




QTY Range from: 25 - 100,000

Stocks include: 100lb & 80lb

Brochure is a folded, printed sheet of paper with pictures and/or information about products, services, or events. Brochures can be folded in a multitude of styles, making them a versatile marketing tool. Once folded, Brochures are compact and can hold a lot of information. Consider Brochure printing for direct mail campaigns, in-store distribution, and trade shows.



QTY Range from: 25 - 25,000

Stocks include: 10PT, 13PT, 14PT,  16PT, & 18PT.

Bookmark provides a practical marketing tool that consumers hold onto every time they read. Custom Bookmarks that include a combination of contact information, event calendars, and special offers give the incentive to use them more frequently.

Print Bookmarks as an addition to branding material ensembles or marketing campaigns. Local Print Service offers full-color Bookmark printing in many paper stocks and finishes to complement your desired design.


Greeting Cards

QTY Range from: 25 - 25,000

Stocks include: 13PT, 14PT

Printing greeting card is a great way to build customer loyalty. Express gratitude, holiday wishes, and other sentiments to valued clients. Send personalized greeting cards for holidays throughout the year and to thank customers for their business.

Local Print Service prints affordable greeting cards to help you maximize your relationships with your customers and increase your profits.




Invitations / Announcements

QTY Range from: 100 - 1,000

Stocks include: 14PT, Kraft, Pearl, Metallic Foil

Print invitations and announcement cards for weddings, parties, baby showers, and more are what we do for our clients.  Each custom invitation or announcement design comes with an option to include envelopes.

You can choose from a number of stocks and finishes, so you can impress your attendees with custom printed invitations and announcement cards just the way you want them to look.

Presentation Folders

Presentation Folders

QTY Range from: 100 - 5,000

Stocks include: 14PT.

Featuring one or two pockets, Presentation Folders hold marketing materials and company documents. Personalized Pocket Folders help brands look professional at trade events, conferences, and meetings. Local Print Services offers Presentation Folder printing with four superior finishes that complement any design.



Page Size Range from: 8 - 64

Stocks include: 60lb Offset, 80lb or 100lb Gloss Text & Silk Text

Booklets are multi-page bound documents suitable for product guides, magazines, menus and catalogs. Featuring a glossy stock, full-color Booklet printing services at Local Print Service ensure high-quality results. Choose from two popular sizes 8.5"x11" and 8.5"x5.5" to complement your Booklet designs.



QTY Range from: 25 - 5,000

Stocks include: 14PT, 30 mil Car Magnets, & 20 or 30 mil cut to shape

Print custom magnets and more with our magnet printing services. They make excellent tools for business branding as well as great personalized gifts. Local Print Service offers three types of magnet printing to help you meet your needs. Whether you're looking to print magnetic business cards, magnet signs, or create custom car magnets, our high-quality affordable printing helps you with all your magnet needs.


Numbered Tickets

Variable Fields Range from: 1 - 2

Stocks include: 14PT.

Personalized Numbered Tickets are printed with variable data. Featuring unique numbering, custom ticket printing is great for raffle tickets, concert tickets, VIP passes, and other event vouchers.


Wall Calendars

QTY Range from: 25 - 25,000

Stocks include: 80lb or 100lb Gloss Text - 24 page or 28 page

Wall calendar printing is perfect for promotion all year long. Month after month, custom calendars reinforce your client’s brand as customers flip the page. Local Print Service's wall calendars come ready-to-use with both printing and bindery completed at our facilities.

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Variable Data Printing

Variables Range from: 1 - 20 Fields

Stocks include: 14PT

Variable Data Printing services for distinctive postcards. Perfect as postcard mailers, our full-color Variable Data Printing allows for unique codes on every piece.

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QTY Range from: 25 - 100,000

Stocks include: 100lb Gloss Text, Matte or UV. 80lb Enviro Uncoated, & 8PT C2S

Promote new products, services, and events with our Poster printing. A classic advertising tool, Posters help marketing messages make a big impact.

Door Hangers

Door Hangers

QTY Range from: 100 - 100,000

Stocks include: 14PT AQ, UV, Matte or 13PT Enviro Uncoated

Make door-to-door marketing success with wholesale Door Hanger printing. Door Hangers effectively target specific neighborhoods as they are highly visible.


Digital Sheets

QTY Range from: 100 - 50,000

Stocks include: 13PT Enviro Uncoated, 14PT Matte, 80lb or 100lb Enviro Uncoated, 100lb Matte or 100lb Gloss Text

Digital Sheets are a cost-effective option for resellers who trim and bind in-house. Get high-quality printing for a variety of products on 18” x 12” Digital Sheets.


Tent Cards

QTY Range from: 100 - 10,000

Stocks include: 14PT Matte Finish

Tent Card printing is a convenient option for promoting new offers. Since they stand on their own, multi-dimensional Tent Cards can easily be displayed at restaurants, shops, and events.



QTY Range from: 25 - 5,000

Stocks include: 14PT White or Opaque

Plastic printing helps you make lasting first impressions. Print Plastic business cards, Plastic postcards, and Plastic gift cards as unique and durable marketing tools.


Tear Cards

QTY Range from: 25 - 100,000

Stocks include: 13PT Enviro Uncoated, 14PT UV or 14PT Matte

Digital Sheets are a cost-effective option for resellers who trim and bind in-house. Get high-quality printing for a variety of products on 18” x 12” Digital Sheets.